Louise teaches our two young daughters the flute with patience, gentleness and clarity. She inspires our girls to work hard each week which enables them to learn progressively and achieve regular milestone. With Louise's kind encouragement we feel they are developing a true love of and talent for this beautiful instrument, the rewards of which will be a life long sense of achievement.
Andrew & Jenny Walker
Louise is a remarkably patient and persistent teacher, whose cheerful manner makes learning the flute such a pleasure. She is always striving to help my daughter find her own motivation to practice, structures her learning in a really effective and personal way, and inspires her to want to be a musical person. It is rare to find such a mix of experience and enthusiasm in a teacher.
Nicholas Rowe
Associate Professor, Dance Studies, University of Auckland
Louise has taught the flute to our son Oliver for nearly four years. He is doing very well and thoroughly enjoys his lessons, which is testament not only to Louise's considerable teaching skill, but also to her unfailingly kind and patient manner with her students. We would have no hesitation in recommending her as a flute teacher for students of any ability.
Stuart & Sophia Jones
Louise is so patient with my daughter. Louise always talks to her in an encouraging manner, smiling and also firm. She is an excellent communicator and elegant musician. Watching her teaching and listening to her playing the flute is so enjoyable. Music makes people happy, learning how to play an instrument should be a happy journey as well, not a miserable journey. Louise makes this happen. My daughter loves playing the flute. Due to her heavy commitment to sports training, she doesn’t have a lot of time for her daily flute practice, but she does enjoy playing it. That is most important to us. Playing an instrument brings spiritual enjoyment. Louise is magical, she makes her students feel that way and helps them enjoy the flute, not just responsibility to practice. It is amazing!
Lisa Thackery
From the very first lesson Louise struck me as a very professional and organised teacher. She is also incredibly warm and nourishing, and my child bonded to her quickly. She is skilled at motivating my child and adapting her teaching to his personal needs and my wishes as a parent. As a parent I really enjoy Louise’s flute playing, I believe that she plays and teaches from her heart. I highly recommend Louise as a Suzuki flute teacher and I have really loved her lessons.
Joslyn Wong
Louise is an outstanding teacher. She is experienced and knowledgeable in her instrument and has a beautiful manner with her students. Louise is approachable and is very patient with beginning students. She provides a clear structure to her lessons, the students know what they need to do and she also sends links to music which is needed or may help with the pieces. Louise has encouraged and nurtured my daughter in learning the flute. She loves her lessons and has grown in confidence in her playing. I would highly recommend Louise.
Louise is a highly motivated, well organised teacher who strives for high standards and achieves outstanding results with her students. She focuses on her students’ needs, tailoring her lessons accordingly and cultivates a passion for music with them. She communicates clearly and forms good relationships with students, parents and teachers. Louise goes above and beyond what is required and is really quite an exceptional teacher.
Janet Grierson
Louise has exceeded all expectations as a flute teacher for Tom over the last few years. The lessons I have witnessed are full of enthusiasm and encouragement and she has kept the learning process interesting with a mixture of practice techniques and by arranging opportunities for Tom to showcase his newly learnt skills. Louise is also very proactive in keeping in contact making the extracurricular flute lessons easy to manage.
Louise has been my teacher since early 2015. She guides me through pieces, helping me overcome every mistake and difficulty. She gives me practice sheets to prepare me for theory exams and performances. She urges students to digitalise their practise and further evolve their skills. Her patience and passion for flute shines through with everything she does and any student would be lucky to learn from her.
Louise Inglis has been teaching our son Jamie the Flute for three years now. Jamie thoroughly enjoys his lessons with Louise and finds her to be a patient, gentle and helpful teacher. We thoroughly recommend Louise Inglis, she's a great teacher and a wonderful person whose gentle and caring nature makes learning the flute a pleasing experience for any child.
Atousa & Nigel Robinson
I am very lucky to have Louise as our teacher. Louise has taught my two children for three years now. She is a great teacher who carefully teaches the skill of playing the flute. She is present with them with all of her heart and soul and they can feel that. She is generous and I would say she cheers for them like they are her own children.
Louise is the most dedicated teacher that I’ve ever met. She is not only professional in music, but also provides great encouragement and help to her students. I am so grateful that my child has such an excellent teacher and I recommend her to all parents.
I find Louise as a very good teacher, committed and very well organised with a lovely personality. She knows how to involve students and make the lesson enjoyable for them. My son really enjoys his lessons with Louise and made great progress last year.
My son loves his lessons with Louise - she is both enthusiastic and patient with her pupils and makes learning the flute an adventure. She allows the pupils to learn at their own pace while always encouraging them to do their very best.
Orna McGinn
Louise is an exceptional teacher. Her patience, enthusiasm and talent for the flute have encouraged our son to practise regularly and master a number of pieces in a short space of time.
Louise’s enthusiasm for her passion of playing and teaching the flute is infectious. She is constantly considering new ways to imbue her love of this instrument into her young students.
She is kind, nice and gentle. She doesn't shout at us. I like learning to play the flute with her. She encourages me to keep playing, even if I get it wrong.
Vinay Chichester
I took up the flute as an older adult, and find Louise a wonderful tutor, very supportive and at the same time flexible over what pieces I play.
Louise is a very professional flute teacher, full of patience and skill, we are so pleased to have her, highly recommended.
Olivia's Parents

Auckland flute teacher

Louise Inglis is an experienced, qualified, registered Flute teacher based in East Auckland.

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