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My expectations of parents

Here are some of my expectations for parents of suzuki flute students. Please keep these in mind so that your child obtains the best learning experience possible.

To provide your child with their own device on which they can listen to recordings of music.

To liaise with me prior to hiring/ purchasing a flute.

To purchase the necessary equipment: music stand, music books, apps or devices etc.

Whenever possible, to attend lessons with their child.

During lessons, please remain focussed on the teaching. I ask you to refrain from using your phone unless it is directly related to the teaching, for example, you are encouraged to video segments of the teaching that you may like to replay at home.

At times I may ask you to take notes during the lesson. This can be more efficient that me teaching and taking the time to write instructions regarding home practice.

Please encourage and assist your child to practice regularly at home. Help them to establish a consistent routine for this. I expect 5 or more days of practice each week. This is important for your child to progress.

It is your responsibility to ensure your child is listening to their recordings most days. At times I will request you get additional recordings to listen to.

Lessons will be invoiced towards the end of each term. I appreciate prompt payment via the internet. Lessons will be continued the following term if fees are up to date.

For families who decide to learn the Suzuki way please see the separate section on Suzuki learning.

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